Friday, January 5, 2007

The Write Stuff...

(Posted by Paula)

I've made progress! I've actually started on my second New Year's resolution! Today, I began making more time for my writing and actually finished with part of the prologue on something I'm writing!! Ta-DAAA! Michael and I both have listed "make more time for writing" on our things to do list, so I (the most competitive woman on the face of the earth) beat him to it! HA! He'll say the only reason I wrote today was so that I could say I did it first. There may be some truth to that, but don't tell him. It's funny how I motivate myself, and hey...if it works, I gotta do it.

Now here's my writing dilemma. This is partly autobiographical. Do I change the names of any real persons to keep them from being identified?'s the thing...everyone will KNOW who they are...they'll know who they are...can't I just use their real names?

I have so many things to write about running around in my head, so I'm anxious to configure our schedule to accommodate more time to write. My journal writing has slowed down since I got married...who has time to write between a full time job and a Bed and Breakfast on the side? Not to mention all those animals that seek constant attention! I'll probably have to go lock myself in a room somewhere...but you know, they follow me. Every one of them. They sniff me out, and...right when I'm in the writing zone...little kitty paws appear under the door...making small noises at first...and then they get louder and louDER and LOUDER as they rattle the door attempting to get in. Don't get me wrong...I love the kitties, but they want to play when I wish they'd take a nap!!

Dinner tonight is compliments of the Elk River Coffee Company: peach harvest tea and chicken salad sans the bread. I'm on another diet. That's sure to give me a lot to write about!

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