Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend in Cinci

Michael and I recently took a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, to visit relatives, my Aunt Vivian and her husband, Jerry. We started our journey on Friday night, but got delayed when two of our new tires went flat and we had to switch cars for the journey. After a delay of about three to four hours, we finally made it to our destination at 4:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. We got up later that morning and went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival, which was a fun experience.

On Sunday, we attended a Cincinnati Reds baseball game and were lucky enough to sit six rows behind the dugout. The Reds played the Chicago Cubs and won 8 to 4. Now that I've attended one major league baseball game, all I can think about is attending another. I'm hooked!!

Michael at Reds Game
We had great seats!!
We're all smiles as we're enjoying the game!Vivian cheers for the Reds!Michael and Jerry are thinking it's time for a hotdog.

Now THIS guy was having a great time!
Mr. Red...

Halloween at the B&B

We hosted our annual Halloween party, "The Moonlight Ball" at the bed and breakfast on October 27th. It was attended by some ghoulish characters and frightful fiends and all had a great time! Our list of attendees and their alter egos are listed below, along with some great photographs of the event.
We were amazed at some of the costumes!! In our costume contest, in the female category, first place went to the Pirate Lady (aka Cindy ). First place in the male costume category went to Pirate Captain (aka Rick). Arrrgh. Second place went to Sherry as Princess Fiona and Steve as Captain Kite (who docked his ship on the banks of the Elk River and left his crew partying in the Walmart parking lot while he attended our special event). The winner of the "Guess the creepy people in the portraits" contest was Sherry ...uh...we mean Princess Fiona.
Doris Durham with Victorian ghost, Michael

She even has a Princess smile! Sherry is Princess Fiona
Every good Pirate has to have a place to store their loot!! Cindy is the Pirate Lady.
John Ed stars as Zorro!!
Arrr, Matey! Rick is the Pirate Captain.

The woman in red! Tabitha is a saloon girl!
The cloaked one is Beth !

Cindy looks as though she's aged a bit over the last few months!!

Is Dr. Bill pointing at a ghost?

"Arrrr.....Where's that Captain Morgan?!" says Steve !

The food table can be seen through the eerie smog

Leah as the fortune teller!

Hope and Ray, Fayetteville Royalty!

Anne as the Witch, Suzanne as Zorro and Queen Hope .

Cindy reminisces as she tells her tales of looting and pilaging.
Some of the ghoulies enjoyed the fire, located near the Little Young House cemetery. From Left, Beth , Leah, Cindy (the hat), Lindsey as the Donkey, Sherry, Matt as Zorro, Steve and Gwen as the Mayor.
The Guest List
Ricky - Pirate
Beth - Female Zorro
Matt - Zorro
Cindy - Pirate Lady
Charles - Country Boy
Doris - Country Girl
Lindsey - Donkey
Sherry - Princess Fiona
Cindy - Old Woman
Steve - Pirate Captain
Hope - Queen
Ray - King
Jeff - Cowboy
Leah - Fortune Teller
Jim - The Tired Shopkeeper
Gwen - The Mayor
Ann - Witch
John Ed - Zorro Skeleton Man
Suzanne - Flamingo Jockey
Michael - Victorian Gentleman Ghost
Paula - Victorian Widow in Mourning
Barry - Old West Gun Slinger
Tabitha - Saloon Girl
Dr. Bill - Revolutionary Soldier
Suzanne - Zorro Woman