Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Where Every Body Knows Your Name...

(Posted by Paula)

Michael and I have a really GREAT favorite hang-out. We love to go there every chance we get and soak up the atmosphere and a few drinks. No, silly...it's not a bar. Not the type you're thinking about anyway! We ADORE the Elk River Coffee Company in downtown Fayetteville. On the first and third Thursday of each month, we always try to attend Trivia Night at ERCC, and, believe it or not, we've actually won a time or two! IN FACT, Michael and I were the very FIRST Trivia Night Winners when Elk River first opened! We have the photograph to prove it! We first competed under the name "The Newlyweds," but when we added a new member to our team (Michael's mom, Suzanne), that name just didn't fit anymore. So we are now known to locals (who fear us as trivia olympiads) as "The Amazing Whiz Kids." Okay, so I just now added the "amazing" part...but we are a force to contend with, I'll have you know! Michael can answer nearly ANY sports question, especially if it involves the SEC. Suzanne is good with geography and literature and history. Me, I know a little about television shows...but let me reiterate...I know a LITTLE. Sometimes I can answer a music question or two, but pretty much I'm just there for the coffee and comradery. :-) Oh, wait...I DO have a specialty: 80's Trivia! I guess I'm not so hopeless afterall. Now, if they would just agree to do 80's Trivia every month, I'd be super at trivia!

The Elk River Coffee Company is owned by some FABulous people! We love the owners, Jim and Jill Roark (even though they ARE Florida fans). And their family (most of whom are associated with the coffee company in some form or fashion) are terrific! And Jim...he and I both have links to Harlan County, Kentucky (if you've read past posts, you'll know what significance a link to Harlan is!), as his dad worked there in the coal mines when he was younger.

We own Elk River Coffee Company EVERYthing...hats, shirts, mugs, coffee. We even have a little plaque in our house that says (and NO I'm not lying!) "1ST PLACE - TRIVIA NIGHT TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS." Ha! Needless to say, we love the place (and Michael doesn't even drink coffee! But he can sure slurp down one of their blended drinks). And I won't even DISCUSS the yummy sweets that they bake there for fear that I'll send myself into an ERCC crave, and I'm an hour away at the moment!
So, if you're ever in Fayetteville, and you're looking for the best cup of coffee in Tennessee, you've got to go to this place. Everyone, raise your coffee mugs to Elk River Coffee Company!

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