Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prayers & Protests

It's difficult to comprehend the events of April 16th on the campus of Virginia Tech. I simply can't fathom what makes someone do something so terribly brutal and heinous to innocent people. I can't IMAGINE what the families, friends and survivors of the incident must be experiencing. All I can do is offer up simple prayers that our Lord will wrap his arms around them, comfort them, and help them through this sad, sad time.

It could happen anywhere, and I find myself asking, "Why Virginia Tech? Why not Sewanee or the University of Kentucky or Union College or Samford?" What is frightening is that something like this REALLY COULD happen anywhere, and until our government enacts tighter regulations on the purchase of firearms, I'm afraid we'll see it again. And again. It's unfortunate that something like this horrific act has to happen when it could be prevented with a tightening of gun laws.

PLEEEEEEEEEASE write your congressmen, the president, WHO EVER will listen...something has to be done to gain control over the sale of weapons before another Virginia Tech or Columbine or University of Texas happens again!! Enough is enough!