Thursday, January 4, 2007

Oh, Happy Day!

 My husband and I have TONS of new year's "goals." They say (whoever "they" are) that one should never make new year's resolutions. But Dear Husband and me...we live on the edge. One of my goals was to keep in touch with family and friends much better, so this is my attempt at doing just that. I know I don't write as much as I should, and when I do, I leave out important things. And when DH or I finally DO get to talk on the telephone, we have so much to tell that we run out of time. it (I could say "our," but we all know that I'm going to be the one doing all the work on this little project) attempt at getting out the best of our news (or sometimes the worst) to the people we care about the most. Wish us luck. These resolutions are tricky!

ANYWAY, if you're reading this, you probably already received our end-of-year news via email. In which case, you know that the puppy sitting in DH's lap in the picture above is Molly, our new family member. We adopted Molly in late September after losing our much loved Murphy, our eleven year old terrier/cocker spaniel mix who was as cute as a button. I had grieved so much over Murphy, and people kept telling me to get another dog...that it would help. I couldn't understand that...afterall, no dog could replace Murphy. But I went on the internet and started perusing websites that adopt out cats and dogs. I wandered upon the picture of a little ball of fluff that, luckily enough, was located at the local Animal Shelter. She looked like she needed a home. After Michael and I visited the shelter, we were assured by both the shelter employees AND our veterinarian that the adorable, quiet little puppy was a cocker spaniel mix that wouldn't get over 20 pounds. Well, much to Michael's and my surprise, she passed by 20 pounds over a couple of hours the second week we had her, and she's never looked back! She also isn't quiet anymore! Molly, we later learned, is a lab mix. Yes, we have a lab at a Bed and Breakfast. Like I said, Hubby and me....we live on the edge. Molly has made herself at home at the Little Young House. So at home, in fact, that she feels comfortable "going" anywhere she any matter who may be there looking on, be it visiting family members or paying guests. She also has taken quite a liking to terrorizing our two cats, Isabella and Hermione. Isabella just ignores her at this point (after she got out of her hissing stage and realized it wasn't having the affect she hoped), but Hermione is Molly's partner in crime. Their favorite thing to do is to wrestle and chase each other through the house, often playing bowling with any and all objects that may get in their way.

One thing you're sure to notice when you visit us is that our beautiful old house has just received a new paint job. She was getting a little tired looking in some areas, so she is now polished and bright. DH and I will continue our landscaping projects as soon as warmer weather allows. I'm already looking forward to Spring!

Well, we returned from our Christmas holiday in Kentucky, but we took a lot of pictures while we were there. Look back soon, and we'll post some of our photos from our trip. Also, Kentucky won in the Music City Bowl, and we just happened to be there! We have photos to prove we were present when we stuck it to Clemson! Check back soon and often!

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