Sunday, January 14, 2007

Harmony, Sweet Rare Harmony...

(Posted by Paula)

We've actually had a weekend in which all our animals actually got along. No one got mad and chased the other, knocking down precious antiques or plants or heavy pieces of furniture. No fur flew. No one relieved themselves on our carpet (they used litter boxes and the quiet side of the yard, as appropriate). We've had a weekend of harmony, of peace. That's so rare with two cats and a dog, so we're feeling pretty good about our little family tonight! Isabella even let Molly lay beside her in the living room while I was reading. Molly didn't try to bite Hermione for laying on her dog bed. Hermione didn't try to eat Isabella's food sending her into a tantrum. All is good at the Whisenant household tonight.

Molly is getting more mature every day, and that is such a relief to the weary...those of us who have been chasing after her for the last five months! She is starting to mind what we say and ignoring us less. Always a good thing. We took her to the park today, and she ran and chased the tennis ball, brought it back, dug holes, ate dirt, chased another dog, got chased by another dog, and chased me as I swung back and forth on one of the swings. She even made friends with a couple of children who were there playing. Molly's goal the next time we visit the park: get Katie the dog (who lives across the street from the swings) to play with her instead of barking with her hair raised on her neck. We've told Molly we don't think that's going to happen, but she seems determined. Molly tries to make everyone her friend.

We have loved the warmer weather (quite strange weather for January!), and we're getting spoiled by it, but we try to keep reminding ourselves that winter isn't fact, the worst is yet to come. But while we can, we enjoy the sunny days at the park with Molly. The socialization is good for Molly, and we truly feel like she's making progress.

So, tonight we're enjoying the quiet, rare harmony with which we have been blessed, and we hope this will be typical of our days in the future. We're not used to all this non excitement, but it's certainly something we would enjoy having more of! But realistically, we know it will continue to be rare and fleeting.........just like a warm sunny day in January.

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