Thursday, January 4, 2007

Top Ten Moments of 2006

(Posted by Paula)

As we begin a new year full of new possibilities and adventures, we looked back at 2006 fondly, our first year of marriage, and chose some of the most special and memorable moments. We promised each other not to choose any political moments (so that means I couldn't add the Democrats winning majority) and Michael couldn't mention any "W" moments. So, here, in true Letterman fashion, is our Top Ten List.

Top Ten Moments of 2006...

10. Our Weekend in Franklin, Tennessee - (okay, this is more than a moment, but bear with us), seeing old friends, attending a play and cooking class, seeing the spectacular historic homes and staying at the Old Marshall House Bed & Breakfast.

9. Taylor Hicks Wins American Idol - Let me just say before I type any further that this is definitely a Michael and Suzanne moment...not a Paula moment. I was pulling for Chris Daughtry!

8. The End of Saddam - Okay, perhaps only one political moment that we both can agree on! 'Nuff Said.

7. Auburn Beats Florida in Football - This was a Michael and Ricky moment, as they were at the game. Michael called me from the stadium at the end of the game so I could experience the roar of the crowd. I'm sure I didn't get the same effect as Michael and Ricky and the other Auburn fans, but it was still pretty impressive over the cell phone!

6. Kentucky wins the Music City Bowl - Okay, this is higher on the list than the Auburn game only because I'm the one who is typing the entry tonight! :-) UK really stuck it to Clemson, and it was especially nice for me, as I was able to see one of my former Robinson Scholars, Durrell White, play in his last college football game. Michael and I were fortunate to get to spend the day with my brother, Todd, my dad Jay, and Michael's college buddy Darrin. GO CATS! (Ask Michael about getting kicked out of the VIP seats...and spending the second half of the game with the Clemson band!)

5. First Anniversary at Falls Creek Falls State Park - It was hard to believe that a year had gone by, but we celebrated our first year anniversary in September. We stayed at a B&B in Falls Creek Falls (and THAT was the worst part of our trip...but gave us a lot of stories to tell), but the views were spectacular, and we were able to spend a lot of quality time together over the long weekend.

4. Trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - What spectacular things we saw! And, yes, again, this encompasses more than a moment in time...actually a week, but it's our list, so we get to do it our way!! :-)~ We had a fabulous time exploring the downtown area of Vancouver, spending time at the city park, taking a dinner cruise around Vancouver Island, eating at some amazing restaurants, and seeing Cabaret on stage at a great little theatre. What fun!

3. Our Adoption of Molly - Our frolicking little puppy joined our family, and it's not been the same since!!

2. Spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with our Families - For Thanksgiving, Michael's family, the Wagars, joined us at our home in Fayetteville for quite a feast! We had a full house with Michael's mother Suzanne, his aunt and uncle Cheryl and Paul Wagar, the Wagar cousins (Wynn and his wife, Bethany; Emily and her husband Steve; and Bryan), and our friend, Connie. For Christmas, Michael and I traveled to Kentucky to spend time with the Whitaker family: My grandmother Aretta, my mom and dad Alene and Jay, and my aunt Vivian and her husband, Jerry). We were a small, but happy, bunch.

and our top moment(s) of 2006:

Spending Time Together in our Hammock in our Back Yard - This was something that we did every chance we got. Usually, Murphy, one of the cats, and later on, Molly, would join us as we enjoyed the warm weather and the serenity of our back yard from our gigantic hammock my mother bought Michael for his birthday. It's a fabulous place to talk, look at the house we've made for ourselves, and discuss all the important things and people whom we are blessed to have in our lives. It's definitely one of our favorite places and has provided us with some of our very best moments!

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Donell said...

You guys are too blissfully happy! It sounds like life is treating you well. The Busroe home isn't quite as exciting as yours, but our childen keep us busy and we love our time with them. Matt and Brandee just had twins. Matt finally has his boy. His four little ones entertain us immensely as the oldest is only 4 years old! Keep in touch. It's nice to know that someone is living life to the fullest!