Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tales from the Zoo

Those of you who know us well know that we adore our animals...all four of them...despite their idiosyncrasies and bad habits. AFTER ALL, my husband and I know we have our own idiosyncrasies and bad habits; however, the difference is that neither of us chew up our shoes, leave "presents" on the carpet to freak out our B&B guests, chase cars (or birds or squirrels), or pull things off the kitchen table (tablecloth and all) into the floor, breaking dishes and eating the food off the hardwood. We have had a rough month with our "home zoo," and DH is fit to be tied over all of our animals except one. Hermione is allowed to stay. The others...well, let's just say he wants to vote them off the island.

For the past two nights we've been awakened several times by one of the following two occurrences: Molly and Max wrestling on the floor and wanting to go outside to play during the wee hours of the morning, OR one or two of the animals wanting to bite the face off one or two of the others. About 4 a.m. this morning, we were brought abruptly out of our restful sleep by a cat/dog fight RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR BED. You see, the animals are NOT allowed in the bed, but sometimes a critter or two sneaks up there in the middle of the night. Apparently last night TWO of them did so, and there wasn't enough room at the inn for both...or so Molly thought (and we would have thought that, too, if we had been awake and known about it). Anyway, she attacked poor Hermione who has now been cowarding in corners or at the end of the porch ever since.

We've decided enough of this madness!! We have crates. Crates are good. There will be no more doggie freedom in the middle of the night. Crates are the thing. We're using them. Doggie jail for those who refuse to behave. And we're not even feeling guilty! As for the cats...that's tougher. I think we're going to designate a special room for them at night...or at least close the door to OUR room so they can't get in. We've actually tried that, but Hermione plays with the door and mews to the point that we can't sleep, so we may have to come up with some type of alternative because we're really, really tired.

If ANYone has any recommendations on how to control our animals (that doesn't involve giving them away or taking them to the shelter) so that we can get some much-needed sleep, we would be so grateful!!

Top Photo: Molly & Max looking guilty of "something"
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Lost Photo: Hermione vs. Hissy Isabella



Down the Rabbit Hole said...

Dear Paula,
Your pets are soooo adorable! I know too well about cat/dog fights in the middle of the night. We crate the dog and lock the cat in the bedroom with us now. If we don't she claws at the carpet by the door. We are having to replace our upstairs carpet just for this reason. You love them anyway! Ha! ha!

FL Cousin said...

Paula... you know that I understand more than anyone. We now have 3 dogs and 2 cats. We have resolved to let the cats sleep with us since they're not naughty, and the dogs go into their condos (that's what we tell them their crates are) for the night. I cover the crates with a blankey so they're warm and secure, and they know that the nighttime is for sleeping. You might have some anarchy for the first few nights, but it definitely gets easier. Try giving them a treat when they get into their crates for the night... Pavlov definitely knew what was up! Caesar says routine is the key! :) Good luck!

Boosalis Bloggle said...

Maybe your post wasn't meant to be funny, but I couldn' help but laugh as I reading about all of the animal activity going on in your home. You're building fun memories! =)


Charlene said...

Dogs are pack animals & the crate can represent the "den" which means safety to the dog. This is their territory & they know it is the safe haven. You are the alpha so you set the tone. No guilt.