Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Warmth - Spiced Tea!

One of my favorite things to drink during the winter months is spiced tea. This recipe is old, quite Southern, and passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. This easy-to-do recipe is in EVERY Southern woman's recipe book, but just in case you missed it or you're a yankee (wink) or from the mid-west or western side of the country, I'll post it here. Try it and enjoy!

2/3 c instant tea
2 c Tang
2 c sugar
1 pkg instant lemonade
1 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together. Store in tightly covered jar (preferably a mason jar!). It's cute to cut a piece of fabric and tie a little string or ribbon around it -- I give these away as gifts during the holidays.

Measure 2 teaspoons to a cup of boiling water.


JEWEL said...

Paula I love this tea. My Mom first made me this when I was just a young girl. Thank you for posting - it reminded me to make a container of it to enjoy on these very chilly winter nights. Happy New Year!

Karen said...

I love your blog! The pictures, your writing. There's so much of interest to read. I found you through the Little Red House -- you commented just before I did. Your dream for 2009 caught my heart because it was 12 years ago today the my daughter was born and we met her on New Year's Day to bring her home. All three of our children are adopted and you are in for the a wonderful journey! Savor this time of preparation and anticipation, there's nothing like it!

Karen said...

P.S. I generally proof read my comments before hitting the "publish" button, but obviously did not on that last one. (blush)

Down the Rabbit Hole said...

Dear Paula,
I love this tea! Back in my early school days the room moms used to make it every year for our Christmas parties and I had my mother get the recipe. Thank you for sharing and reminding me!