Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sewanee Under Siege

The infamous Sewanee fog has rolled in for an extended stay. Sometimes, the fog moves in for days, even weeks. It is beautiful and gives the mountain a rather dreamy, enchanting quality...almost "other worldly." It envelops buildings, people, and wildlife with its blanket of gray. It softens the edges of everything, blurring the landscape in a surreal sea of ghostly mist. I have been working at Sewanee for nearly four years, and the fog is something by which I am still amazed. It can dilute your senses and leave you feeling somewhat disoriented, as if you are existing in a dream. It is also something that can, after a while, leave you longing for spring days and sunshine. It is not always easy to survive weeks of the fog, but somehow I always do. Perhaps that is because I have the Valley to escape to each evening, where the skies are simply overcast and hope is on the horizon.

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Down the Rabbit Hole said...

Oh my! These photos are just gorgeous! I love your description, written just beautifully...