Monday, March 1, 2010

I have a dream

I have a dream that one day I will come home each day to an organized and clean house. I dream that the pantry will be a thing of beauty, with each thing in its place and no dog food bags turned over with food spilling out because we forgot to close the door and the dogs got inside. I dream that the shelves will be neat without things tossed carelessly on them. I dream that each closet in our home will have only what belongs inside. They will not be stuffed to the gills with things we simply wanted out of the way in our attempt to hide a messy house from our friends and family. I dream that our laundry room will not have clothes stacked waiting for washing. A couple of laundry fairies would be nice. I dream that every porch would be clean and free of dust and spider webs. I dream of an organized clothing closet where all clothes are neat, ironed and perfect. And since I am dreaming big, I would like to see a craft room without storage cabinets stuffed so full that I can't find anything. Oh, those cleaning supplies need to have some organization, too. Preferably one so that I can find what I want when I want. No more guessing "Is it upstairs or downstairs? Under the kitchen sink? Or maybe under the sink in the laundry room?" Oh, but since it's a dream, I want to dream for someone else to do the house cleaning for me. How about a couple of housecleaning fairies? Or one really good housekeeper. I dream of a clean, dust-free car with no crumbs that have fallen from my breakfasts during my mad dashes to work. I dream of there being a time when all the drawers in our laundry room have what are supposed to be inside them there, and I don't have to search all over the house for light bulbs or Mighty Mend It or an extension cord. They will simply be where they are supposed to be. I dream of being able to find a writing pen when I need it.


What are the chances?!

I have to tell you this, because perhaps you will find it as ironic as I did. When we cleaned out our storage area for the workers to begin construction on our new master closet, in the back of the room behind several boxes and under some stuff we had thrown back there to get out of the way......I found, not one, not two....BUT THREE books on organizing one's life. That's right. Three books. I obviously had lost them. Two went into my yard sale stack. I did keep one, however, because....I have a dream.


Kim said...

Oh, Paula, I have that same dream or wish anyway. Ours is a very small house..filled with DECORATIVES (as a gal I once knew called them ;)and that's why Ollie was making me so nervous)so we put the pantry area in the space going down to the basement. I want one that looks like the picture you show. I love to clean house but I'd like to get someone here to cook all my meals~like my mom did when I was little. Guess I'd rather dust!

Diana Meade said...

I can hear that song in my head now! :o) I, too have a dream of cleaning up the house and it staying that way for a very long time. The amount of dirty dishes generated in this household is amazing. No dishwasher but my two little hands. Oh for the fairies of which you speak!

Janet said...

I want a house elf. I have a dream that my children will eventually pick up their own stuff. All 3 children, the 2 little ones and the one I married. ;)