Monday, March 15, 2010

First Signs of Spring

The first signs of spring always bring a smile to my face. After a long winter's sleep, it is always so promising to see those first signs of life - the crocus and the daffodils beginning their journey toward the sun, rising up through the soil to greet the warmer weather and the new spring light.

I love taking drives in the country during the early spring and seeing the newly born calves beginning to walk under the close supervision of their mothers. With an early spring chill still in the air, I love to take my camera to the edge of the fields, stand by the fence posts and watch the activities of these youngsters as they become more self assured and frolic in the warming of the season.

I can say goodbye to the winter with little remorse as the new season offers so many delights of colors and scents and sounds. As I draw up the blinds that have for the last few months helped to keep the artificial warmth inside my home, I welcome the sun through the window panes and feel a sense of renewal as it dances around the rooms.

It is time to begin again.


Kim said...

Beautiful pictures as usual. Our bulbs are starting to sprout. Hope you feeling better. Thinking of you! Kim

Kim said...

It's so funny. My pantry is in the Shoot as we call it! It is on the wall going down the first set of stairs to the landing before you go down the second flight of stairs going to the basement! My house is so small so that was the only place for a pantry but it's kinda cute as long as I don't fall down the stairs! hahha I'd love to come to Tennessee some time and help you decorate. My dream was to always have an old house like yours to fix up and decorate. I don't spend alot of $ either...I think we got that rug from one of those guys that park on the street corners and hang out their rugs! They have the best deal. We even had a guy let us bring one home on approval...can't beat that!
I think we must be kindred spirits because from the first time I saw your blog and your great smile I knew I'd like you as a friend.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It's still so cold here! Really rare... I'm usually in the garden by now. We're hopeful, though.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

So beautiful ~ thanks for sharing this fabulous photo.