Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our backyard space...and my little bunny

We had a beautiful Easter weekend!  It was our precious boy's first birthday, so it was doubly special for us this year!  The yard was so green and so full of life, and I took what must have been hundreds of pictures.  We also enjoyed our back porch for the first time this spring. It's in desperate need of a coat of paint, but we love lounging out there looking at all the greenery and flowers. Thought I'd share a few of our pictures here.  Isn't my sweet baby boy just darling?

The Easter Bunny had been very busy hiding Easter eggs in our yard!
And they were placed ever so cleverly...just so little hands could pick them up and add them to Easter baskets.
Friends and family enjoying the back porch.
We have plenty of places to lounge.  Molly is enjoying her favorite place at the edge of the porch near the steps.
My personal favorite place to sit with a good book.
Love having this little place outside my kitchen door - a great place to enjoy coffee or a cup of tea.
My gorgeous clematis vine is outdoing itself this year!
These blooms are huge...breathtaking!

Our sweet boy enjoying his time in the yard. He hasn't decided yet if he likes the prickly grass.
Our baby, with the help of Daddy, found so many Easter eggs!
"I like the orange ones best, Mama!"
A smile that melts his Mama's heart.
My beatiful baby boy - my joy!
They look as if they may be discussing where that Clever Easter Bunny hid more eggs....such a serious discussion.

The side of our house with a view of the old well and our precious boy's new firetruck.  Ah, such sweet yard decor that is!
 Hope you're enjoying your spring days soaking up the sunshine in your own yard.  We are anxiously awaiting the peonies' bloom! So, stay tuned for more photos!

Happy spring!


Kim said...

oh what a beautiful, happy post, Paula! Our Easter was rainy..so I am glad yours was beautiful for it and the big birthday time!
He is adorable. In that pic that he is smiling so big, he looks like Michael!
I didn't know you had that wonderful porch...I must come to visit! I can't wait to see more pics of your kitchen...hurry up!

Kim said...

I love, love the picture of his little hand reaching for the Easter egg...great capture on that one!♥

Mila said...

Love your home and porch...absolutely wonderful!
Sending Smiles,
Mila :)

Brenda Davis said...

Love your blog! Iam impressed!
Your house is beautiful and I loved the pictures. Your little boy is precious. So glad I connected with you on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Paula, what an adorable little bunny. ;) You had me in tears remembering a couple of first Easters. Sigh...these pictures are beautiful.

I could also get lost in your porch. It is beautiful.

Hope you are well. As you can see, I haven't been making the rounds lately...terrible neighbor. :( I've been so busy with preparations for our daughter's high school graduation. Doing some catching up today.

Have a beautiful day, my friend.

romance-of-roses said...

Hi Paula,
Your home is amazing love the porch, and your son just captured my heart, what a little sweetheart. I know you are proud parents.

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wow..what a great collection...
Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your work!

Anonymous said...

Always thinking of ya!! Hope you are well and I so wish you a wonderful summer.

Sending love and blessings your way.

Lee Ann and Michael Newton said...

Hi Paula,

The Rebel's Rock photos are how I came to your site. I have been there many times doing research for my novels. My best friend's great-grandfather donated the land that became Pine Mountain settlement school and I used to visit her grandparents who lived in Chappel when I was a child. I have many fond memories which is why I ended up picking the school as a setting in my fiction. Her mom has recently moved back to the old homestead and we will be visiting in July and going back to the top of Rebel's Rock! Can't wait. Here is my website if you want to take a look.

Lee Ann

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I look forward to visiting your blog again. Thank you for sharing with us!