Friday, June 25, 2010

Through the Storm

Today, I am recovering.  I have spent the last 48 hours drifting in and out of a restless sleep between bouts of pure misery.  I have been hibernating, healing, dreaming of not feeling so lousy.  Stomach viruses are hard to kick, and believe me, this one has been a doozie.  I feel as though I have lost days of my life.  As I lay here in our bedroom this afternoon, watching the lace curtains blow in the breeze of the approaching storm, I find myself praying for the rain...the sweet, cleansing, drenching rain.  Just what we need.  A perfect way to wash away the yuckiness, leaving me feeling refreshed, albeit a little disheveled after this most recent storm. The thunder rumbles low in the distance (or is that my stomach?), it's the thunder.  Thank heavens.  And yes, here comes the rain. Ahhh.

Isn't the photograph above lovely?  It's by photographer Lyle Huisken whose work you may find at  This looks much like the white lace curtains blowing in our own room (although I am too sick to get out of bed to find my own camera to take a picture, but I will do that soon).  Meanwhile, please visit Mr. Huisken's site and look at his fabulous photographs. They're just the type I would take if I was a gifted photographer just like him.

Thinking well thoughts,


Kim said...

Dear Paula, you have been through the storm. But like storms, this too shall pass. I thought that was your own photo and I was amazed at how much umph you have to get off that bed and take it! hahaha. I will look forward to seeing your own photos of your room!
Hope you are feeling tip top again for that little one!xxoo

Fran's Smatterings said...

Hello, Paula. I am Lyle Huisken's wife, Fran. Yes, that is a beautiful photograph. I will start to watch your blog. My blog is:
Lyle and I are retired in Florida. We lived the first 45 years of our married life in MN, owned a photography studio and raised two great kids, now married. We have four great grandchildren, who do not live near us. But life is good and god is great!