Monday, June 21, 2010

Happiest of Father's Day

This was my DH's first Father's Day as a Daddy. This day was such a special one for him, so I thought I would post a few photographs. Doesn't the smile in the first photo just say it all? We are in heaven.


Jamie said...

Oh Paula!!!!! He is so very beautiful and sweet!!! Your husband looks like a pro already:) Happiest Blessings to you both!!! Love, Jamie

Kim said...

Paula, Michael looks so comfortable in his new role. The first picture..very proud smile..second one very handsome husband...he must have been looking at his wonderful wife...the next are the comfortable and loving this...looks. Happy for you both. xxxooo

Kim said...

He is so tiny! (not DH) hahaha

Regina said...

Congratulations...he is a handsome lil fella. You will love having a son...they make us mommie's always feel so special and loved. I know mine does ^_^