Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Yesterday, I received the sweetest surprise in my mailbox! Carla at 365 Letters sent me a true, real letter...handwritten even! It had been such a long time since I had received a note or letter in the mail, and I was thrilled. I have often commented on the downward trend of letter writing, and it truly has become a lost art. In a world of twitters, blogs, emails, and facebook entries, letter writing has fallen by the wayside. There is something so special about someone sitting down, taking pen in hand, and writing a letter just to you. And being on the receiving end of such a treasure is a true gift.

Carla has a wonderful blog focusing on her goal of writing a letter every day of the year. I think this is a wonderful concept. As I drove to work yesterday, I was thinking about how I should write more...quit depending on technology to keep in touch and put more of a personal touch on my correspondence. I have tons of beautiful stationery and note cards that I never use because I simply do not take the time to sit down and write anymore. Carla has it right: make letter writing a priority. It truly is a dying art form, and I find that ridiculously sad.

Carla, you have inspired me! Oh, I can't give up facebook or the quick convenience of email, but I truly intend to write more letters. Three a week. That is my solemn promise. And now I am off to write the first one. What a pleasure it will certainly be.


The Rustic Victorian said...

good post Paula! I couldn't agree with you more. I used to write my granparents as they loved to write, and it made their day to get letters from the grandchildren.
I am glad I saved many of them to reread. In fact I am inspired to write now. Its been awhile.

Karen said...

I enjoyed this post and will check out the 365 Days of Letters blog. I remember the days when the arrival of the mail held so much excitement. More often than not, there was a handwritten letter. My cousins and I were pen pals for years. When my kids were small, one of my very good friends moved to Japan for three years. It was when phone calls were soooo expensive and no e-mail! I treasure the letters we wrote -- all about two young moms, raising their kids in different countries, missing each other terribly.

Miss Jen said...

I love letter writing! :)
It is simply DELIGHTFUL!

Love~ Miss Jen

Miss Jen said...

Maybe I should start a website

"The Art of Letter Writing"


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Paula:
I love giving and receiving handwritten letter. My younger daughter-in-law is especially good at this, as is my elder dil. I handwrote all my notes until a fall about a year ago makes it uncomfortable to do so. I'm ok for short bits, but longer letters actually degenerate to illegible. sigh
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'll be adding your name to my drawing and hope to see you again soon.
I've joined your following and will come back to explore soon!

TWINGLE said...

Wonderful reading. I'd love to receive a letter now and again. Just recently I attended a function to commemorate a friend and his daughter read out a few letters from 30 yrs ago. How I miss such memories, the idea of having a pen pal in a far away country and communication on a different level , not via internet hasn't lost its appeal!

365 Letters said...

Paula, I'm glad you enjoyed the letter. This letter writing project has brought me great joy, and I've made a lot of new friends in the process. Good luck with your letter writing!