Monday, November 9, 2009

Change is in the air

I didn't realize that switching a few rooms around at our house would cause as much chaos as the day I moved into our home upon my marriage to Dear Husband. This past weekend, after an hour into our bedroom move from the ground floor of the house to the second floor and the den from the second floor to the ground floor, I knew I had underestimated the would-be mess and the time it would take me to get things back into order! I am a firm believer that a move on this scale is a good thing every four or five years, as I have learned that this may be the only way that I will agree to purge items that have outstayed their welcome. I accomplished a dramatic reduction in the number of clothes that I have...some that I had not worn in over three years! Why am I so reluctant to get rid of things?! I can be such a pack rat, and Dear Husband and I have agreed that we need to switch things up a little bit every few years just to force us to reduce our "inventory." What a concept!

For now, I will spend the next several weeks recovering from this move, but I find the prospect of a new routine in a new space a little exciting (I know, it doesn't take much to excite me these days). We will be building a new walk-in closet within the next couple of months, and I am enjoying planning the layout and flow of it and the adjoining art studio/work room. The changes taking place are exciting and give us something to look forward to...if we can only survive the decluttering stage!

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Jamie said...

Paula I can totally relate!! It is such an undertaking and it does create a mess:) I bet your closet is going to be divine!!! Congrats on de-cluttering. I have an awful time of it but, I really did some good purging before the big move. I am glad I did. Goodness knows I'll never unpack what we have right now! LOL!! Love, Jmaie

Karen said...

Switching rooms around is a heck of a lot easier than moving, and it does accomplish a lot as far as purging unwanted items.

A new closet! Now that is exciting!

once in a blue moon... said...

i love change and purging is good, i rather donate things i am not using so others can enjoy them~

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Hi Paula, so lovely to meet you. I just wanted to leave you a note telling you what a wonderful blog you have! Beautiful images!
All the best,