Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Town's Fences and Flowers

We will soon be putting up a fence around our circa 1869 home, so we went out into the neighborhood to look for inspiration. There was no shortage of beautiful fences, flowers and landscaping to set our minds going on what we would like to see on our own property. We have not yet decided if we will do a wooden privacy, white picket or iron fence, but our neighbors have certainly given us many styles to consider. Here are a few of those we saw...

This cute picket fence with arbor had a screen door as a gate. Such an adorable idea!

This rustic privacy fence has an alcove built in in which a cross is displayed. I loved the look of the rustic "God Bless America" sign against the unpainted wood.

I love old weather vanes, and I adore how this one sits atop an old fence post among sunflowers and other summer blooms. The patina on the old vane is amazing. This one is a true favorite of mine, as it reminds me of my home state of Kentucky. It is a harness horse. Lincoln County's fair is one of the few county fairs in the state that still has harness racing.
These majestic columns set off a beautiful old stone fence leading to a local bed and breakfast. The winding drive is made of pea gravel that makes a neat crunching sound under the tires of our car.
A grand old tree on the property of the B&B. I love the flowers encircling its base.
I am leaning toward a picket type fence, and I love the "scalloped" design of this one. I think this would truly set off our old home. The white really stands out against the brick of this home.
Our town has an abundance of old stacked stone fences. We had to explore this inviting back road on the edge of town. Can you see the ancient looking stacked stone fence in the line of trees to the left of the road?
I adore Black-Eyed Susans, and the old dirt road was lined on both sides with these beautiful flowers. Our new landscaping will have a lot of these flowers!
...and back to our own yard that is in dire need of attention. This is the part of the yard that we refer to as our "Back Forty." It's set apart from the rest of our property with a line of trees. We have uncovered many old, cut stones in the yard that seem to hint that there were stone walk ways throughout the yard at one time. We would love to uncover those and restore them. As you can see, the area now is mostly trees and grass. We are looking forward to adding our fencing, landscaping and special design that will allow us to enjoy our yard even more.


Miss Jen said...

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what lovely, lovely things!!!

Love~ Miss Jen

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