Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Time Favorites!

I love summer's fresh garden veggies and sweet, locally grown fruits. Each summer I grow my own tomatoes, peppers and herbs, and I can't wait for the first green tomatoes to show up on the vines. I admit I sometimes have a hard time allowing them to ripen to red, as fried green tomatoes are a favorite of mine. But I've also been known to pick a red tomato and eat it before I can get it back to the house. I love them!

We also look forward to seeing the Dennison's Farm strawberry cart every summer and can't wait for that first taste of those sweet berries! If you've never had a Dennison's strawberry, you've missed out on strawberry perfection! I'm trying my hand for the first time at strawberry jam. We have so many and love the taste so much that I'm anxious to preserve it so that we can have it all year long.

And the summer squash...oh my. What a treat! And fresh lettuce and green onions? I have two words for you...Wilted Salad. It's to die for! Couple it with hot, just-from-the-oven cornbread made from my grandmother's recipe, and it's heavenly.

I even bought some raw peanuts the other day so that I can boil a batch. This is something DearHusband just doesn't understand. But I wonder how someone can live in the south all his life and not appreciate boiled peanuts!?! Of course, he also doesn't like Wilted Salad...what a sacrilege! There's still hope for him, though...he WILL eat the green tomatoes and fried okra with me. Yum.

Yes, I do understand that most of what I've listed is not exactly in the "good-for-you" category when dunked in hot oil and fried. We don't do that EVERY DAY....but maybe two or three times per summer, and believe me....we treat those times like special HOLIDAYS!! ;-)

Summer in the South is delicious...whether fresh or fried!

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The Whispering Poppies said...

We sell fried green tomato batter at our shop (from the WhistleStop Cafe... they have a great blog, too). But I've NEVER tried it myself. I've always wanted to. Here on the Cape it's all fried onion rings and clam cakes (fritters). Now OCRA (cringe)... I went to college in the midwest and ocra was a staple in our diet. I tried, and tried, and tried it served many ways... sorry, I just can't get my New England tastebuds to adapt to that flavor. heehee

The Victorian Parlor said...

I agree!!! I love summer tomatoes fresh from the plant. And strawberries-don't get me started-yummmmm! We have a local chocolate shop where the chocolate and fillings are homemade in the store. When the strawberries first ripen the chocolate shop hand dips them in chocolate. You have to get there early each day because they sell out quickly. The strawberries are actually sweeter than the chocolate! As for ocra, I love it in stews and fried but one of my favorites is pickled ocra! Let's face it, in the south if we aren't BBQ-ing it or frying it we're picking it! Except for the yummy boiled peanuts!



Miss Jen said...

Ummm..... I agree!! :)
I just can't believe summer is already here...
wow, simply amazing! Those fresh fruits and veggies look SO good.... making me a bit hungry, hehehe!
Hope you are doing well dearest Paula!!!!

Many Blessings~ Jen

Janet said...

I never had boiled peanuts until at my brother-in-law's house about 5 years ago. What I had missed!!! And fried okra is great. (Boiled okra should not be discussed in polite company.)

Dr. Denise Tucker said...

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Jamie said...

Summer tomatoes are my favorite!! My grandmother made the best fried green tomatoes ever! I love ocra, but I hate picking it. The fire ants like it too much:) Where I grew up we had a festival called the Okra Strut every year! It was so embarrassing! LOL!!! Hope you are doing well sweet Paula! Love, Jamie