Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tea Time is Anytime! Anywhere!

I love teapots!! I've always loved teapots. I love teacups and saucers and tea cozies and teaspoons and books about tea and tea accoutrements of all kind...any kind! I use them in decorating, so I have them in my kitchen, my dining room, my living room, a bedroom...even in my laundry room! I love adding to my collection. I have old ones and new ones. I have big ones and small ones. Thought I'd share a few of them with you here. I'd love to hear from others about how they use teapots in their decor!

One of the antique teapots in my collection.

Another old one that I use with my Haviland China

Johnson Brothers Old English Castles Collection

How's this for a little whimsy?! My Alice in Wonderland teapot set. Cute, cute, cute!

Department 56's Hickory Dickory Dock Set. Love it!

All white collection with individual creamers: kitty, cow, duck and bunny

This one has cute birdhouses and gardening images on it with little clay pots on the lid!

Vintage teapot (sitting next to some of my bone dishes)

This antique teapot sits in my livingroom on the mantle with a few of my favorite books.

Vintage teapot given to me by my Aunt Vivian


Pajama Mama said...

HI Paula...I've enjoyed your blog this morning...Your teapots are great! What a fun thing to collect...along with your rolling pins. Your blog layout is very pretty, too.


Karen said...

This was fun, seeing all of your beautiful teapots. I have collected a few throughout the years and they line the top of my kitchen cupboards. Lovely idea to use them throughout the house. The Hickory Dickory Dock set is just precious.

Down the Rabbit Hole said...


I have missed so much while my computer has been down! I so love all of your teapots! You know which one is my favorite!!! The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady is one of my favorite books also! Thank you for sharing!

Laume said...

I love tea pots as well. You have some beautiful pieces. I love the Alice In Wonderland set.

Spanish Princess said...

Hi! FOund you through Jan @ Roe Haven. I too am a teacup collector. You've got some really pretty pieces.