Saturday, November 15, 2008

Laundry Room Remodel Completed!

Today has to be one of the most exciting days we've experienced here at the Little Young House in quite a while! While some people may get excited over new cars or expensive vacations, all it takes for me is a new washer and dryer and a remodeled laundry room to thrill me! I've lived without a washer and dryer for the past three months since we had water damage in the B&B. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to run an inn without a washer and dryer?!?! We actually closed our doors for a few weeks during the worst of the remodel -- we had to tear out old plaster, the floors and ceilings, pull out cabinets, etc. After living in a state of chaos and our guests not having access to our front parlor, today the madness ended. They delivered the washer and dryer early this morning and I've been working since to get a few things on the wall, get the supplies loaded back in the cabinets, and....yes...doing some laundry. That inaugural load was something to behold, believe me!

Anyway, here's the photos of the new room. You can't really appreciate it unless you've seen the photos of the water pouring from the ceilings and the sheet rock falling down...but I can't seem to find those photos at the moment (maybe I'm trying to forget). I still need to put curtains up and do a few final touches like some decor on the cabinet tops and painting the doors to the porch, but for the most part, it's complete.

Here's the room right after the floor installation, before being swept and scrubbed.

Molly checking out the dryer vent. Look at all that space! Wow!

The new counter tops look great, and our new laundry sink is extra deep for hand washing clothes or giving Max a bath! Molly is admiring them, too. She's thinking...nice!

Here come the appliances! The guys from Bradford Appliance admitted they'd never had their picture taken when making a delivery. I explained I was the most excited new appliance owner they'd ever meet!

Isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? Okay, well maybe not for you, but for me, it's up there with JFK Jr. and red sunsets!

Appliances in and the room doesn't seem so spacious anymore. But I can handle it.

Cleaned, a little decor in, and I'm ready to do some laundry!

The first load in...what a beautiful sight! It was especially exciting because it was the comforter from our bed, and it's HUGE! There was room to spare in the washing machine!

Gotta have something cute to look at, right? Check out my dancing frog lamp. Sooo adorable. Anyone have any ideas on how to hide cords? Those are light bulbs in the basket...they won't be there permanently. ;-)

Cross stitch by Jean Durham and a pitcher and tray we received as a wedding present.

A few more little touches...still more to do, but looking better!

Michael is especially proud of the faucet he picked out. It's a sprayer that pulls out so that we can...spray.

One final look. When the curtains are in, it will look better, but it looks like a thing of beauty to me right now!


Pajama Mama said...

What a beautiful laundry room!!! I know the excitement of a finished remodel. We just added a master suite and moved our oldest into our old redid that room as well.

Your new washer and dryer? AWESOME!

basje said...

Hi Paula, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Your inn looks so great, I wish I could come visit! I'll give it a link in my blog :)

Basje /

The Boosalis Bloggle said...

Hi! I came acoss your blog from the Followers of Blogs by Danielle list...

Anyway, your laundry room is awesome! Great job! Gotta love those huge front loaders.

I noticed you have a Miniature Schnauzer. We have two Mini Schnauzers and a Scottish Terrier. I can't imagine a home without pets. =)

Have a good day and have fun doing laundry!


Janet said...

Nice room, and I love the front loading style. Your laundry room is like 5 times bigger than mine. Mine holds the washer and dryer. Just.