Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Step in the Journey

Posted by Paula

Today, despite recovering from a horrible week-long bout of asthma, I was able to get out a bit and get some very important things accomplished! After a week of laying around in bed and a three day hospital visit, it feels good to make some progress! Michael and I went today to be fingerprinted and have a criminal records check for the adoption process. I admit, I was expecting to have to put my fingers on an ink pad and roll them across the little cards like you see the criminals do in all the old cop shows, but I was amazed! It's all digital! No ink! No black fingertips! What progress! I was relieved that neither Michael nor I have a criminal past (we weren't really expecting anything to show up, but there's always a chance Michael could have a deep dark past...Ha! --- He told me his "Butler High School" reputation just hadn't got around. This is so funny in so many ways). Anyway, another step accomplished on the road to adoption! It feels great!

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Kristin said...

Ha, we had to do it the old-fashioned way with ink. I took pictures of Darwin while he did it. :)