Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tennessee Sunday

After church today, I had tons of work I could have done. My laundry was stacked up a mile high, I desperately needed to organize our storage room and pull out Christmas decorations, and the leaves in the yard need to be raked. But it was difficult to think about going home to work when the sun was shining so brightly and the autumn air was so crisp and clean. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I was anxious to enjoy it for a few hours, so Michael and I left our work behind and went for a drive through the Tennessee country side. Max went along for the ride and ended up having an exciting day. He saw his very first cow, and he made friends with a country church dog who greeted us outside a small Methodist church near Coldwater Creek. We really enjoyed our day!!

Off we went down Molina Road in Lincoln County. We couldn't wait to drive out of town and enjoy the scenery!

It didn't take us long to leave our little city's streets behind and find wide-open pasture land dotted with farms.

We hadn't been on the open road long before Max spotted a cow. It was his first encounter with a farm animal, and he was fascinated! We think he thought they were really big dogs.

Old barns are abundant in the Tennessee Valley and they're beautiful in their own, rustic and weathered way.

We spotted this old home on a graveled side road. It wasn't hard to imagine at one time it was a busy place overlooking the beautiful farmland that surrounded it.

We found this beautiful little Methodist church down one of the backroads we traveled. It looked so homey and friendly that we just had to stop for a few minutes to admire it.

What a sweet front entrance with a beautiful fall wreath.

The welcoming committee met our car as we drove up to the church. Max met a new friend and we promised to bring him back again to play.
What a beautiful girl with a fantastic smile!

And what a nice profile!!

Some of the old barns looked as if they hadn't been used in years, but evidence closeby proved that they were very much used. It was just tough to find anyone around on a Sunday afternoon!

Nearby was the evidence of someone's hard work.

This farm is located right inside the city limits surrounded by historic homes and residential areas. Who would have thought...

Max was ready for a nap when we finally arrived home. I bet he dreamed of cows and church dogs.

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Janet said...

What a great way to spend an afternoon!! I planted bulbs. Also a good way to spend an afternoon, but not nearly so relaxing.