Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fayetteville 10:00 p.m.

Tonight, Michael, my mother-in-law, Suzanne, and I had a nice night, Fayetteville-style. We went out to dinner and to a movie, afterwhich I convinced Michael we HAD to take pictures of Fayetteville "in the dark." The Square looks beautiful at night, despite my poor photography skills.

View of the North side of the square that houses several gift and antique shops, an old fashioned hardware store, and our old Lincoln Theatre, named after our county.
South side of the square features several antique shops, a quilt shop, a jewelery store, a pool hall and diner, a book store and O'Houlihan's Restaurant, a favorite Fayetteville eatery.
The West side of the square is home to the Magnolia Mall, a great place to shop for antiques, a barber shop, a flower shop, an art gallery and several other businesses.

Another view of the South side of the square and a closer view of the book store and O'Houlihan's.

College Street bathed in street light.

North side of the square (where you turn to go to our bed and breakfast!)

A view of the Lincoln County Courthouse and the gazebo where many community activities take place.

A view of the courthouse with our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree all lit up for the holidays.

A view of the moon over the corner of one of the buildings.

A view down College Street.

This group of kids was walking the square the same time I was and insisted I take their photograph. Not enough light, so they each have four eyes in this shot instead of the customary two.

My mother-in-law's house in the moonlight.

Next door to Suzanne's house is the oldest cemetary in town at the Presbyterian Church.

Another view of the cemetary in the dark.

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Janet said...

What a lovely town. I love to see towns that work hard to restore the original charm of the "town square." Someday I need to come visit!