Monday, July 2, 2007

The WORLD comes to Fayetteville

(Posted by Paula)

You know, at first glance Fayetteville may not seem like a hot-bed of activity. And it may not seem like a town where people would visit on a whim like they do bigger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. But, believe it or not, many travelers from all over the world venture to Fayetteville and stay at our bed and breakfast, the Little Young House. In fact, we don't believe those big cities have anything over Fayetteville!!

Michael and I feel honored to host people from so many different walks of life and so many different cultures. We have kind of dubbed ourselves "Ambassadors of Fayetteville!" Just this past year, we had travelers from Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium and Canada. One of the things we always enjoy is gathering around our kitchen table in the evenings with a pot of coffee or hot tea and a fresh batch of Michael's homemade brownies as we talk to our guests. We have enjoyed hearing about people's lives and travels and what brings them to our little town of Fayetteville. The stories are all different, but all our visitors say the same thing...they love our beautiful town where the people are so friendly.

One of our guests from Japan told us that he felt as if he were staying on the movie set of "Gone with the Wind." We were, naturally, flattered! It made us feel great to know that we had helped to provide him with a memorable visit to our home and to our town.

Not only do we have guests from other countries, but we have people from all over the United States. This past year, we had people from Washington State to Florida, from California to New England. We have some guests who return every year who become more like good friends than paying guests. Others return every couple of years, and it is always so nice to catch up with them and where their travels have taken them since their last visit to Fayetteville.

Needless to say, Michael and I love our bed and breakfast and the people who come to stay with us year after year. And even though it is sometimes difficult to work full-time jobs in addition to running the B&B, we can't imagine not doing it. It brings joy to our lives each time a guest thanks us and tell us what a nice time they've had. And we hope that, if even for only about 24 hours, we helped bring a little joy to their lives, as well.

So, New York, L.A. and Atlanta can have their big buildings, international airports and traffic jams. We've found that the world comes to visit us in Fayetteville, and we're not missing a thing!

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