Friday, June 29, 2007

RAIN (and may I have another, please?)

(Posted by Paula)

I can't believe how long we've gone without any significant rainfall in Fayetteville. My yard has taken on the look of burnt brush...a waste land, really. The only exception is the rim of grass around our front flower beds. It benefits from the sprinklers every evening. We try to keep the front beds we've spent WAY too much money trying to landscape them over the past two years...but still, our flowers are fading in the heat and dust.

Each night, we pray...."Lord, won't you please send us just a small rain shower? We won't even get picky and ask for a lot of rain. Even a little will help..." So far, no answer. But we're hoping that he'll see the need to send some much needed storms our way soon.

The farmers must be in a panic. I think many of the crops down in northern Alabama are already lost. The corn looks much too small for this time of year, and even my poor tomatoe plants are struggling to produce anything. They just look scrawny and sad. In fact, all our plants look scrawny and sad.

I remember some of my very best times growing up in Kentucky were spent outside during or immediately following some of those glorious, soaking rain showers. I knew where all the best mud puddles were, and I'd head outside, shoeless, and wade in them. These best were always the ones that came up over my ankles. I was always careful, however, to only walk in the puddles that had concrete bottoms. I absolutely HATED the feel of mud squishing between my toes. Dardy, one of my best friends, liked the ones with the squishiest mud. I just couldn't understand it. She'd stand there with the mud oozing up between her toes and call me over to look. I remember telling her that I only liked the "clean" mud puddles!

While wading, I would look to the sky for signs of a rainbow, and often I would catch a glimpse of one over a mountain ridge. Sometimes I managed to find gutters or drain pipes that would wash the water down quickly off the side of a building or a house. These were heaven! I'd walk underneath allowing myself to get soaked from head to toe.

You know, it's been a long time since I've been walking barefoot after a rain storm. I wonder if I could talk Michael into wading in puddles with me the next time the Lord see's fit to send us some more of that beautiful, drenching rain? If I talk him into it, I'll be sure to get pictures!

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