Monday, March 7, 2011

Good-bye Bad Floors!

Today, I learned about a blog party in which I really participate!  Goodbye, House! Hello, Home! is hosting a Purge Party, and since my life for the last five years has been devoted to purging, changing, cleaning, and restructuring, I really wanted to do this!  I could post about several of our recent purges or projects, but one of the most significant has to do with redoing the nasty, scratched, what seemed like destroyed floors in what is now my husband's den.  When we peeled back the carpet to reveal the 140+ year old floors, we were dumbfounded. I remember looking at each other and one of us saying out loud..."they'll never look decent."  We actually contemplated putting carpet back down just to hide the mess that we had revealed.  Take a look at these before pictures...

Needless to say, we were worried. That's paint and drywall compound that has been spilled all over the floors.
Here's my husband looking quite depressed and wondering what in the world we had taken seemed fairly hopeless at this point.

Here's a view of the entire can see the mess we faced.

It didn't seem to worry Isabella, though, as she took it easy on the nasty carpet padding we had just pulled up. I remember being worried that she was laying on something that would make me not want to pet her later.  Yew.

A closer up view of the paint and drywall compound. Can you believe someone actually did this to these poor floors?  What were they thinking?!

After sanding, and scraping and crying and praying, here's what we eventually were able to do with the floors.  There is two coats of stain on them at this point.  Try not to look at the bad wallpaper.  We haven't tackled that project yet! ;-)

Can you believe the difference?  Aren't they beautiful?  Would you ever have thought those floors could have looked like this?!?

And here's a drywall compound or paint!  Wooo hooo!

And here's a view of the completed project.  Wow, are we proud of this!  Now, 18 more rooms to go...(ha!)!!

Have a great week!


Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Oh, Paula!
That is amazing!
I was scared for you and Isabella and your poor, depressed hubby...but, then!
Amazingly, you conquered those awful floors!
Do you know the wood they are made of? 140 years? Wow. How awesome is that?
We have been looking at old houses, too! (Moving next year).
You purged the carpet, the pads, the dirt and totally trashed floor!
And simplified your cleaning routine, too!
And I am so glad you came and shared them with us!
It is nice to meet you, too!
Your blog is beautiful!
Which room is your next victim ;)?
Hus and blessings to you as you make your home!

Here On Crow Creek said...

Wow! You guys did a great job and they look amazing! So pretty!

MelaKamin said...

WOW - who would have thought?! Gorgeous - great job!

Tara Beaulieu said...

Oh my gosh, what a true labor of love! SO many people would have just thrown their hands up instead of tackling a project that tough. Way to go!

Visiting today from the Purge Party at Goodbye, House! Hello, Home!

One Heart (Marcia) said...

Hi again, Paula. I noticed to linked up to the party and couldn't wait to see what you had done. This is a labor of love for sure. It is gorgeous. Isabella has got the right idea though. ;)

Glad you joined in. Much love!

Kim said...

I remember the posts about that room...It is soo smooth and shiny now! Wow. You could eat on that floor too, Paula...and just 18 more to go?~ Really 18?
You are doing a beautiful job!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Wow! way to go on those floors.
A weight is lifted just to get that behind you.

The pay off of all the hard work is great...the floors look fantastic.


Mary Ellen said...

18 more rooms!!!

Wow the floors look fabulous!! Read that you had a B & B at one time= I have always wanted to try to have one-

bee blessed

One Heart (Marcia) said...

Just stopping by to say hello and snoop around your place a little. Don't you just love how the door's always open in our little blogging neigborhood? ;)

Have a great Thursday.

Wendy said...

Your floors are amazing! I was worried when I saw the before picture, but you guys did an awesome job...they are beautiful:)

Mollye said...

absolutely gorgeous and no I cannot believe they could look this good. What a huge project and undertaking you two have gotten yourselves into! Not for the old, the lame or the faint of heart LOL