Monday, April 12, 2010

Conquering the Stuff

I hate that I have not had the opportunity to post for a week or so, but it has been for a very good reason. With the remodel finished on our master closet and art studio, we have been putting our house back together! This has meant a lot of deep cleaning and sorting and laundering and organizing. We had a great weekend and felt that we were making some progress until we opened the door to our guest bedroom and realized that we had another room full of MORE stuff. Neither of us has any idea how we accumulated so much stuff or how we had it ALL stored in our house. Looking at it now, that does not seem logically possible!

We are giving ourselves two more weekends to conquer "the stuff." What we have not found permanent homes for by then is going in the yard sale or to Good Will. We can DO this. We CAN do this. We can do THIS!

Wish us luck! ;-)


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Here in our city, it is annual Spring neighborhood clean-up time.
Put your stuff in the front of your home, and the city picks it up.
A great way to declutter, since most folks make mark their calendars, and go 'ditch diving' before the city has time to pick it up.
That's OK nowadays, it's called American Picking ;)

The Victorian Parlor said...


I am giggling as I read this:)! At present I am cleaning out stuff at home and the antique store (I am downsizing at the store) so I have all this stuff! I can't wait to see pics of your remodel-I'm sure it is lovely!



Miss Jen said...

YES you can! :)
Happy conquering!

Love~ Jen

Kim said...

You must be busy! Miss your blogging! By the way, I never heard anymore about Harlan, Kentucky tv show. What happened with it?
Miss you, Kim xo

Kim said...

Have you conquered your stuff yet? Miss seeing you on the blog!
kim xoo

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Yea for you!!! I wish some of the decluttering bug would rub off on me. Love your image~fits your post perfectly! Blessings

Kim said...

Hoping you are alright with this flooding. Is it affecting your area. Miss your blogging. Hurry back! Kim xxoo

DeeDee1Whoa said...
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