Thursday, March 20, 2008


As long as I can remember, I've loved to read. As a child, my mother would have to MAKE me put down a book to go outside to get fresh air. I just simply took the book with me outside. I remember laying in the floor as a young child with my head laid on the back of my German Shepherd, Tuffy, as if he was a pillow, and reading to him. He seemed to like the stories, and I liked reading out loud. Now I read quietly. But I still read. And I still carry my books outside with me when I need fresh air. I've been known to spend an entire afternoon in the peace of our backyard reading in the hammock. What heaven!

I have a great new way of keeping up with my favorite books and books I want to read. Check it out!!

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Janet said...

I love Sark. Truly inspirational. I'm currently trying to get through Walden. I had hoped it would be better than when I tried to read it 30 years ago. But so far, not so much.